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Tracey Beck Gude - Independent Practitioner

Guidance Counsellor, Psychologist and Supervisor

Tracey would like to support supervisees to develop their knowledge, skills, interests, and strengths with their psychological practise with an emphasis on cultural awareness.

Portrait of Senior Woman

In the school setting, Tracey enjoys helping young people to recognise and use their strengths to build their confidence with schooling, social interactions, and personal goals. Tracey supports students and their parents around learning, wellbeing, gender, sexuality, mental health, safety, and student protection. Tracey’s strengths and skills in her guidance role include a thorough process of gathering information during the assessment stage to support students’ goals and health. When further adjustments and referrals are required, Tracey consults with family, teaching staff and external providers to determine ongoing supports with education, health and verification while maintaining the respect and confidentiality of the young person.

Tracey also runs proactive programs and facilitates the Love Bites program to increase student’s knowledge of healthy and respectful relationships. Tracey and her Kelpie X Dobby are also a certified therapy dog handler team; where Dobby and Tracey support students with emotional regulation using animal assisted interventions 3 days a week at school.

Tracey has worked with Education QLD and Brisbane Catholic Education as a Psychologist, Complex Case Coordinator and Guidance Counsellor for the past 8 years in mainstream high schools and Youth Detention. In previous roles she worked with Education Qld supporting pregnant and vulnerable teens with schooling, Qld Health in drug and alcohol counselling and unearthed an interest in psychology while working as an enrolled nurse in surgical and psychiatric hospitals.

* Brief Solution Focused Therapy


* Mindfulness

* Motivational Interviewing

* Gender and sexuality affirming practise

* Animal assisted therapy, intervention, and activities

* Drug and Alcohol (adults and adolescents)

* Disordered Eating

* Trauma Informed Therapy

* Compassion Focused Therapy

* Self-Harm and suicidality

* Assessment and management of mood disorders and anxiety in children and adolescents

* Building confidence and enjoyment in supervisee’s practise and pathways.

* Developing an interest and understanding of cultural needs and the opportunities available to people who seek asylum or refugee status and supporting their migration and settlement.

Tracey states how much she has enjoyed her supervision over time and how she has valued the strengths, knowledge and interests of her various supervisors at different stages and settings.

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