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All about The Provisional Psychologist Network


And congratulations on starting your registration or endorsement journey.

My name Annie Slater and I am a Board approved clinical supervisor and psychologist. I started my own supervision business several years ago after realising that my passion was teaching, supporting, and growing the skills of developing psychologists during their registration.

I absolutely love supervising! And I know the difficulties of navigating the path of registration myself having completed the 4 + 2 many years ago. Since then I have supported many psychologists towards full registration. My favourite part is the emails I get celebrating the moment where supervisees learn of their full registration status. What an achievement for them.

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Over the years I grew my solo practice and attempted to fill the gaps in the resources and training available for the 4 + 2, 5 + 1 and registrar pathway. Over time I realised I couldn't do it all myself. The requests for supervision continued to grow and I could not meet the demand.

I made the brave decision to expand the business and seek like-minded supervisors who share the same mission. The response was amazing! So many supervisors with diverse expertise, knowledge, and experience across the psychology profession.

Support Groups

"The Provisional Psychologist Network has been built to share this wealth of knowledge with supervisees."

Distance Learning

The pathway to registration is not easy. There is much involved in becoming a competent psychologist. There is much learning required, tasks to complete, supervision to engage in, and exams to pass. It is absolutely a marathon and not a sprint. As such we seek to make access to all the necessary resources, training, and supervision easier to find and navigate for supervisees.

Our mission is to create a one stop shop for provisional psychologists towards their ultimate goal of gaining their full registration as a psychologist or endorsement in Australia through offering a suite of services that are holistic. This an ongoing goal. We are continuing to develop resources and training. And we value feedback on what you need.

The ongoing aim is to seek to support, inspire, and grow the skills of provisional psychologists to ensure they feel confident in their skills upon gaining their registration.

Plant in White Pot

We are supportive, encouraging, and understand that supervisees just need some fertiliser to grow.

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