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Group Supervision Services

General information on group supervision 

The Provisional Psychologist Network provides a range of group supervision services to meet the needs of 4 + 2, 5 + 1, and registrars on their journey towards registration or endorsement. There are many benefits of engaging in group supervision. Firstly, it is a great way to connect and engage with other provisional psychologists. Secondly it reduces the costs associated with the registration pathway. And thirdly it allows for growth in selected areas of psychological practice. 

We attempt to cater for provisional psychologists Australia wide by offering a diverse range of business hours, after-hours, and weekend session groups. The maximum participants, as set out by the registration guidelines is 5 participants. All the information about our groups can be found in our group timetable, which you can download below. 

It is easy to add a secondary supervisor to your internship plan. We have a signed secondary letter template that we can send you for your primary to sign and send to AHPRA.


You can count the hours of group supervision as soon as this letter is in the mail. 

Fees from January 1st 2024 : All group supervision is charged at a flat rate of $85 per hour per supervisee.

How to add a secondary supervisor

How to sign up to attend group supervision and add a secondary supervisor:

It is very easy to add a secondary supervisor to attend all of our group supervision sessions. You can also have as many secondary supervisees as you like listed on your internship plan. To add a supervisor all you need to do is seek approval from your primary supervisor, and provide a signed letter to AHPRA. You can count the hours of supervision as soon as that letter has been lodged.


We can send you a pre-signed secondary letter template to include the supervisor/s whose groups you would like to attend. To attend the groups you just need to be added to our booking portal. To be added to the booking portal and be sent a signed secondary letter template, just email us at:

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