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Individual Supervision Services

The Provisional Psychologist Network can support you with both primary and secondary supervision for the 4 + 2, 5 + 1, and several of the registrar pathways. All of our supervisors are Board approved. We have a range of supervisors with diverse experience and expertise that can support you. We can also provide supervision for early career psychologists, mental health professionals, registered psychologists, and also supervision of supervision services. 


We meet with you to determine your needs based on your role, availability and pathway. We use this information to fit you to an appropriate supervisor Australia wide. For primary supervision inquiries we book you for a 15-minute free consultation with the potential supervisor to determine if both the supervisee and supervisor agree to this fit prior to booking a paid session. All our supervision sessions are provided online via Zoom. 

Fees from January 1st 2024: Individual supervision for the 4 + 2 and 5 + 1 pathway is $187 per hour. Individual supervision for the registrar pathway, registered psychologists , and mental health professionals is $202 per hour. Individual supervision for the mandatory assessments, including access to the necessary psychometric resources for a two week period is $215 per hour. This rate will not apply if the supervisee has access to the psychometric through their employer. See mandatory assessment section below for further details. 


Getting the most out of your supervision 

Some supervisees who start their registration pathway may have never experienced supervision and may be unsure what it is that you do in supervision. We hope that our supervision contract helps grow an understanding of the importance of lifelong engagement with supervision, and an understanding of the purpose of supervision. To support supervisees to get the most out of supervision The Provisional Psychologist Network wrote the following article on LinkedIn discussing what is supervision and how to get the most out of it:

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